Post Free Ads Today and Gain Market Share For Any Business


You hear it all the time, free advertising opportunities are promoted on the web all the time, but do they really work? Many have tried and failed at compelling users to come forward and click through links, respond to advertisements, and much more on many websites. The reason why they fail is not because you can’t post free ads and gain market share, it’s because they assume that by posting free you don’t have to put in any effort into your sales copy or anything like that. Some even go as far as to post a graphic and hope that it’s enough to convince a savvy web user to click through. The truth of the matter is that today’s Internet user is not dumb, they know what advertising is and won’t click something that is overtly ad heavy.

online-free-advertisingThere are exceptions to the rule, so do not take the preceding as the only word on marketing parameters, but if you’re going to post free ads, make sure that you do not assume that web users are dumb. It’s with that in mind that you should conduct a few tests on what you write and how you write it for the purpose of placing marketing components into classified web pages. You want to make sure that if someone does in fact look at your marketing collateral, they click through and respond. If not, than what’s the point of advertising?

For those that aren’t sure how to get this accomplished, one thing to attempt is simply to hire someone to write the ad copy for you. This might cost you a very small fee, but you can easily test the waters and see if by adding a little bit of rhetoric, you can inspire people to come to your pages. Test several messages, calls to action, and images, or else you’ll find that when you post free ads, nothing happens.

Too often business and website owners make the assumption that once you post an ad up, you just sit back and wait for the deluge of traffic to arrive. That is not going to bode well, which is why it’s important to not only post once, but to post across several websites that are free to place advertising in. Establishing a wide net of possible placements can really help in creating a lasting impression on the Internet today.

Aside from the definition of advertising on free pages, you’ll find that creating back links to your site can be beneficial in the long term as well. By adding links to your posts on highly regarded and ranked pages, you’ll find that search engines will send you traffic that you didn’t even know existed. It’s there that you’ll start to convert clients and visitors faster than ever before, and that alone can be something worthy of working with ads of this type. The next time you decide to post free ads, make sure that you look at the analytics to your pages and see if the copy you’re working with is working, and if it is, continue to post and leverage the traffic to your advantage. Remember, there’s nothing quite as good as free, so don’t skip this option in your marketing efforts.


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