The Top 5 Tools for Keyword Research


The online businessperson knows that relevant and popular keywords are the paths to a website’s success and consequently to profits. That is why so much time and effort are spent identifying and analysing keywords.

There is a gamut of free and paid tools for keyword research on the internet. These tools provide fast keyword research, some more accurate than others. Depending on the brand, some keyword research programs have nifty features such as the capability to “spy” on competitors and keyword filtration capabilities.

Keyword Research

Here are the top 5 available tools for keyword research:

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool
    Google Keyword Tool is free and has many of the basic abilities of a keyword search tool. It can search and rank keywords that are more popular and relevant. It can also show related words or synonyms to a specific keyword, making it easier to think of new marketing campaigns. Its additional features include SEO reports such as SEO Landing Pages Report that can identify problematic parts of a website. These reports help in coming up with fast and accurate solutions.
  2. Wordtracker
    Wordtracker is claimed to be one of the best tools for keyword research on the market. It is not free, but it can search for useful keywords accurately. Wordtracker is also in-touch with their customers – they provide help and support when needed. It also comes with an arsenal of related words and phrases suggestions, which will make keyword research more productive. The interface is also easy to understand, just the usual type and click. Many people recommend this for those who want to take internet marketing seriously.
  3. Keyword Discovery
    Keyword Discovery is one of the more powerful tools for keyword research. It is not free but it comes with many unique capabilities. Aside from the keyword research tool, Keyword Discovery has Spelling Mistake Research, KEI Analysis, Keyword Density Analysis, Domain Researcher Tool and Seasonal Search Trends capabilities under its belt. Definitely one of the most comprehensive tools for keyword research, many people recommend Keyword Discovery for those who want to explore keyword research on a deeper level.
  4. Market Samurai
    Market Samurai is one of the top contenders in the tools for keyword research category. Its name gives off a powerful impression but it’s the way it handles and presents data that gives it an edge over other keyword search platforms. In fact, it gets its data from Google. It is also user-friendly with its Market Samurai Dojo, 12-minute video tutorials that explain how Market Samurai works.  Market Samurai’s good presentation of data and user-friendliness earns it a spot on the top 5 tools for keyword research.
  5. Keyword Eye
    Keyword Eye is one of the tools for keyword research that has received a lot of positive reviews from its users. It went to the dark side when it became a completely paid tool but recently its basic plan is offered for free. Keyword Eye is has useful and easy-to-use features such as Anchor Text Report, Keyword Visualizations, and Domain Keyword Report. It has also been featured in various conferences and SEO blogs.

Effective and easy-to-use tools for keyword research are abundant. The wise marketer only has to choose which keyword research tool will be the most suitable for his/her needs. Choosing the best keyword research tool will definitely keep an online business at the top of its game.

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